Teaching Art

teaching in london is very rewarding and there are many benefits if you teach in London schools. If you are a trained artist and you live in London, you should consider a career as an art teacher. This is because you help the society and you help yourself at the same time. Below are some excellent reasons for you to teach art even as you work as a practising artist.

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You inspire other artists

As a teacher, you are definitely a role model. Your students look up to you for guidance and inspiration. They want to learn the things you are teaching them and they want to be like you. For this reason, you should go the extra mile to give them the right training. As you do this job, you get better at it and you develop yourself. This is the ultimate win-win situation because you are helping yourself and you are helping other people too.

Time and leisure

One great advantage of being a teacher is that it gives you a lot of time. Time is a valuable commodity and this is why you should use it judiciously. After school hours, you can volunteer for noble causes that are close to your heart. You can use your time and skills to work with orphans and less privileged people in the society. You can even work with health and environmental organizations to fight malaria, HIV-AIDS, cancer and deforestation.

Organize exhibitions

If you teach art, it is safe to sate that you create art works and you are planning an exhibition in future. You can also organize mini exhibitions for your students. Encourage them to draw and paint and you will boost their self-confidence and nurture their creativity.

Organize competitions

There is nothing like an art competition to boost the efforts of your students. Organize an art competition once in a while for the students and watch their creativity come alive. Encourage them to use colours in an innovative manner. Remember that you want the students to express themselves and create their own style. For this reason, you should not place any restrictions on them. Allow them to think outside the box and you will notice amazing results.

Paint for charity

You can use your artistic skills for the good of your society if you paint for charity. Organize your students and create some art works to raise money for your favourite charity. Give the event publicity and ensure it is properly attended. Print flyers and let the people know the proceeds of the event will be donated to charity. This way, your guests will buy the paintings and you will raise some cash for your favourite charity.

Final word

Being a teacher is a great career choice and teaching art is particularly rewarding. Use your talent and ability for the good of the society. Teach your students well and always go the extra mile for them. Do the best you can and you will enjoy the pleasure that comes with doing an excellent job.